BC Hospitality Consultant Worldwide


BC Hospitality Consultant Worldwide

Hello ! My name is Barry Cohen and I am a life long hospitality executive. I'm retired now an offer an incredible unique opportunity to those of you who want to improve your operations. I am available to you via phone for you to ask any questions, bounce ideas and are looking for tangible improvements to your business. Two hours to chat with me over the phone, so I can help you improve your Business and increase your revenue at a cost of just $50 


Areas where I can make an impact on your Business 

Restaurant Consulting expert - Hotel food and beverage profitability - Country club food and beverage profitability - Turnaround specialist - Pub/Bar/Lounge sales improvements - Menu development Instagramable Presentations - Systems and Controls - Restaurant Start-ups - Operational Improvements - Expansion and Growth Multi-unit Operations - Mentoring our Clients through owning a Restaurant - Inventory management - Sales optimization - Training FOH /BOH - Marketing - Incoming and outgoing trends - Expense reduction and sales growth 

I have worked as a F&B executive all across the world. I’ve always been passionate about finding smart ways to create profitable operations. I believe establishing a strong culture and educated team as early as possible are the key to securing your future. I began using these strategies myself and I’m here to teach and assit you how to set up like that too.

We can develop some innovative marketing campaigns designed to engage new customers, or implementing training ideas. Maybe you would like to discuss menu ideas, recipes or even cost controls. All of these ideas and more can be discussed in our 2 hour phone call.  I would  love the opportunity  to chat with you and see what's keeping you up at night. Let me help you ! 

 I’d love to discuss your needs and find ways to improve your business and together we can watch your business grow and flourish

Join me for a 2 hour Consultancy over the Phone for $50, by calling me through WhatsApp on +1 7272207042 You can also get in touch with me through email at barrycohen210@gmail.com If you would like to go ahead with a Consultancy with me, you can make a payment to my PayPal account https://www.paypal.me/BChospitalityconsult 

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BC Hospitality Consultant

BC Hospitality Consultant

BC Hospitality Consultant

BC Hospitality Consultant

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Two hours with a food and beverage consultant over the phone - $50

Sometimes it's just lonely at the top. Who do you bounce your next great idea off of? How can you avoid making financial mistakes launching your new idea? How can you improve your operational profits? Our primary costs are to high, there killing me?

How do I make sure I'm not a "Me Too" concept? 

How do I get more butts in the chairs? How do I fill my pub at peak and non peak times?

How do I build local traffic at my hotel F&B outlets? 

How do I venture into off-premise catering?

What do I do about labor shortages?

How can  I afford to pay my team more money right now?

These are all questions your asking yourself, why not take alittle time to get an experts opinion?

Aimed at existing hotel food and beverage directors and free standing restaurant/ Pub owners and operators. It's an invitation for customers to ask me any and all questions about their operations and bring me their most exasperating problems and challenges. Let me walk you through this structure and see if this fits your needs.

Value I can bring to your Business

You get to ask all the questions you want and get specific actionable answers. Your 2 hour call mostly on demand and based on your schedule. Your call will basically sound like this. Tell me about you, your food and beverage project, why you’re calling, and feel free to start firing away with your questions.

My art of answering questions goes something like this: provide the direct, factual information first; then give context and variations; then give real-life examples; then connect any needed dots of relevance to you and your project.

 I’ve created and rebranded many operations and I see myself as a relentless problem-solver, and I’m always looking for a new challenge.

An outside view is encouraged to interpret business concerns and offer guidance. One of the most important matters on the table today is how to remain solvent with so many changes in the hospitality environment that are directly affecting guest levels, pricing, and your businesses spending behavior. Less theory ...More results.

For more information on my services, get in touch through WhatsApp on +1 7272207042, you can also email me at barrycohen210@gmail.com If you would like to make a Payment to my PayPal https://www.paypal.me/BChospitalityconsult

Products & services

Some of my own Accomplishments in the Hospitality, Hotel and Restaurant Industry and as an Author/Presenter 

Recognized industry leader with an extensive background and a solid record of accomplishment in the hospitality, hotel and restaurant industry. Strong concept, menu and recipe creator, strong profit & loss expertise, extraordinary customer service and a great profit and cost controller, other skills include:

Innovative Concept - Development controls - Effective operational - Team/Loyalty Building - Customer Loyalty satisfaction - Author/Presenter - Staff Development training - Retail sales/marketing - Quality presentations.

Principal personal strengths include a high energy level, an entrepreneurial approach to meeting challenges, and a contagious positive attitude.  A team leader and team builder who can be counted on to attain better than expected results!


Author - What's Cooking Bermuda 

Author - W.O.W One World, One Culture

Author - W.O.W. 2000 

Author - The Legend of Gussie Lee

Author Partner in Book Series – 50 Proven Ways to Build More Profitable menus50Proven Ways to Build Restaurant  Sales & Profit, and 50 Proven Ways to Enhance Guest Service.

Guest Lecturer – Chambers of Commerce, Canada Restaurant Association, Charlie International (Orlando), Foodservice Marketing War College, Indiana Restaurant & Hospitality Association, National Restaurant Association (Chicago), Texas Restaurant Association, South Carolina Restaurant Association, Restaurant Hospitality (Las Vegas), Texas Parks & Wildlife, Advantage Rent-a-Car, National Pizza Expo, Sales & Marketing Executives, and various high schools (to mention only a few).

Published in as follows 

Alaska Cabaret, Hotel Restaurant, and Retailers Industry News, Cornell Quarterly Magazine, Conrad Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality Business Review with Alan Greenspar, Herman Cain and Alan Stutts, Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism – Kotler, Bowen, Makens – UNLV, Restaurant Marketing News, Restaurant News, Best Read Guide, Key, OK Gourmet, Celebrate Austin, TravelHost, San Antonio Express-News and Fiesta Magazines, Royal Gazette- Bermuda, This Week Bermuda - Monthly Column, Featured in Wall Street Journal ad for American Express

I was  also a TV Celebrity Chef for 9 years on ABC and NBC Local Affiliates

If you would like a Consultancy with me Barry Cohen, then get in touch with me through WhatsApp on +1 7272207042 or send me an email at barrycohen210@gmail.com

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

Products & services

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Products & services